Took Me Long Enough, to Leave “Us” Behind…

Took me long enough, to leave “us” behind, because, there’s the “me” in that “equation”, and, I can’t, seem to, leave the me I’d found with you behind at all!

Took me long enough to leave “us” behind, once the decision’s made about leaving “us” behind (and that, was the EASIER part!), I’d needed to prepare myself, for mentally, psychologically, departing from you, everything about you, the memories of us too, I’d needed to, leave all of that, and, it’s just, not as easy as I imagined it would be.

what that looked like, NOT my photo…love in the rearview 的圖片結果

Took me long enough, to leave “us” behind, because we were always combined (a whole???), and, leaving that is like, cutting parts of my self that’s vital, that I can’t live without out off, and, how am I supposed to do that, huh???

But, it took me long enough, to leave “us” behind, once I’d decided, that what I’m leaving behind, wasn’t that important piece of me I’d found with you, things got easier, I just, packed up, and went (without even a Dear John, and yes, still EXTREMELY aware, that your name’s not “John” okay???). Yet, as I was, driving off, I still can’t help, but looked, into that rearview, and I’d, driven slowly away, but, I had, driven away, that, is what matters!

roaming toward goodbye here…NOT my photo still…


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