The Delivery Girl Who’d Made My Father Cry

On filial relations, translated…

My daughter is waiting for work to start, and I was able to, be blessed, with her company for a short while, she’d taken her packed lunch to my office to share her lunch hour with me. As I’d opened up the lunch she’d packed, saw an assortment of colorful vegetables, and I knew, my favorite stewed fish was also there.

After the meals, I’d asked my daughter to get my dad a small piece of cake as she’d passed my parents’ home. My father is eighty, his teeth were bad, couldn’t chew the harder items, I’d worried he may be hungry, and, gave my daughter some apple pie, so she can say the sweet words, to make my dad happy. But, this delivery girl born in the nineties couldn’t carry through my requests for her to speak the consoling words, and, embellished the words before my parents, made them cry.

Last Winter’s Solstice, my father had my eldest sister-in-law make two separate portions of rice balls, and, insisted on delivering the foods to my workplace, said, that since I couldn’t make it home, there’s still a need, for us all, being together as a family. As I’d taken the foods from him, I’d, turned around, my tears came down, I thought, “Dad’s changed since mom passed.”, and, as I’d shared this with my daughter, she’d interpreted and “translated” the “message” to my father as, ‘Grandpa, mom cried like hell!”, and it’d, made my father cry too.

Gladly, my daughter has a set place in my father’s mind, and, I’d blamed her, for making him cry, or, did she, add fuel to the fire, or maybe, she’d, added the heat between us?

So, from this interaction, you can see, how the elderly needed to be accompanied, and how this family is very closely-knitted, and, that, is why they’re, making each other cry!


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