Living, with This Wall Between Us

Hello, anybody H-O-M-E??? The lights are on, but, nobody’s answerin’………

Living, with this wall between us, it’d become, too high now, completely, impossible, for us, to “crossover” it, and, because this wall was erected up since GOD-ONLY knows when, neither one of us was willing, to admit that it was, our faults first!

Living, with this wall between us, I SCREAMED something at you, at the top of my lungs, because that, is the only way I can, to get my voice across this, thick, thick wall, and, you saw me, and misinterpreted me as being angry at you, and it’s all because, of this god DAMN wall that’s gotten so tall between us, and yet, we don’t, TRACE backwards, to see how that wall got built in the first place, just pointing fingers at each other, blaming one another, for our own problems!

do we, call it quits, or don’t we???  Not my photo.

Living, with this wall between us, well, at least, the wall LISTENS to me rant, better than you ever had! Well, at least, the wall greets me with that same old colored paint (b/c I hadn’t painted it another color???), instead of showing me that face of DISGUST like you do!

Living with this wall between us, how? How did this wall stay here so long, without us even being aware of it being there? Did we, lost sight of that true love we once had? And, how do we get it back, or do we, just, call it quits???

still waiting for each other to cave first!  Not my photo.



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