Shadows of Me

There are, the brighter side of me, and, those darkened shadows, of, every shade of gray, to PITCH black!

Shadows of me, they all came into my body, took up their separate place, ready, for battle (war’s more like it if you ask me!). These shadows, that I hide my true self behind, because I can’t feel safe enough, to SHOW ME to the rest of this world.

not my photograph…

Shadows of me, they all surfaced, all at once, one with a different opinion, a different voice, of everything that I encountered in the world, and the noises got too god DAMN F***ING (maxed out, remember???) loud, that I don’t really know WHICH one (sound/voice), to focus on.

Shadows of me, maybe, I’ll just, wait for them, to all, go away, without doing ANYTHING extreme, like taking that knife, and start slashing them one by one, off of my body??? Shadows of me, I wish, they would just all, go away, and leave me alone for good, and yet, they’d, attached themselves to me (like those blood sucking PARASITES) that I can’t get rid of!

getting overwhelmed here, NOT my photo still…

Shadows of me, I’m sure, that one of these days, I’ll, I’ll, be without them, and start, living in the broad day light again, I just hope that the day comes soon, because I don’t know how much longer, I can, stand these, nights alone, accompanied only by, these shadows of me…



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