Secret Codes, a Poem

Call it a mind game that we played, and one or both of us, lose, each and every single time! Translated…

I’d Called Your Name Aloud

Walked Hurriedly Alongside Time

With the Opened Up Fields to My Right

That Wreaked of the Scent of Sulfur:

from online…

There Was the Mountain, the Streams, the Bridges, the Road, the Hot Springs too

You’d Always Set Up the Secret Code, Leaving Me

To Decipher it Myself, to Translate, to Decode

While You’d Just, Remained Silent, and Listened

So this, is a reflection of a relationship, maybe??? The other person is speaking in codes, hoping (expecting) that you can guess what s/he is thinking correctly, and when you guessed it correct, s/he feels elated, but, when you don’t, s/he gets disappointed, and start to wonder, IF the two of you are actually right for one another………

symbology, chart from online…


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