The Happiness I Couldn’t Give to Him

Finding out, that love, is letting each other go, because, the two of you wanted different things in life, translated…

Q: He Doesn’t Enjoy an Ordinary Life, How Can I Have a Future with Him?

C, who is thirty-one years-old, had been in a relationship with a classmate from high school, H for a total of fifteen years now, and, everybody they knew understood the loyalty they’d shown toward one another, and the love they’d shared, and they’d never, fought. H is very intelligent, he could have fun, while studying, and still managed to get into a good school, and after graduation, he’d gotten a good job too, he’d worked diligently, and well, received a ton of praises.

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They were together for so long, and the two families wanted them to get their marriage set up. But, the two individuals hadn’t made any moves toward that yet, they’re both over thirty now, and, C’s parents were, feeling very stressed out about it.

After sitting down and talking with one another several times, H finally told C his confusions about his own life, he’s not homosexual, or bisexual, both knew this as facts. He’d not felt moved or infatuated by other females before, it’s just, that he didn’t like how his life is going right now, he’d entered into the technology industries, to prove to his parents, that he is able to, make a living for himself, as well as taking care of his own parents; because he is an only son, the parents had high hopes for him, which he’d carried.

It’s just, what next? He loved C like she was his sister, and family, but, he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life, working, making the money for his family to live off of, and or, maybe, he believed, that he shouldn’t, tie C down, and wanted to let go. He’d wanted to travel all over the world, planned to quit his stable job, and take in the cases as they come to him.

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C was shocked by her boyfriend’s confessions, but, they’d still decided, to backpack through the desolate regions of the world, and after awhile, H decided, to continue this way of life, but, C, who’d trekked alongside him through parts of the world twice realized, that this wasn’t, what she wanted, and found, that she had, NO idea what her boyfriend for the last fifteen years was thinking. As H made his third trip toward Africa, the two of them finally broke up.

A My Advice

This is, a beautiful, a good memory, without any affairs, but, it’d also, turned into, a breakup destined by fate, due to personality differences. H who is unique and independent, after he’d become matured, realized that he wasn’t, cut out to live an ordinary life; after being wrapped up in the façade of love, he’d realized, that he’d wanted to, be free and drift, fifteen years later, it’s the right decision, that the two of them broke up, and, those fifteen years the two of you shared, weren’t for naught, and, there are, so many more fifteen years for the both of you, just pursue your separate dreams by yourselves, without regrets!

So, this started out, as feeling comfortable with each other, getting along with each other, it felt like love, but, it wasn’t, not quite, and, the two realized, that they wanted, very different things in life, and, no matter how painful it was, they’d decided, to let each other go, and, let this time they’d come to share, be a good memory that they both savored. This, is the best way that this can end, for both individuals.

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