The Only Things that Know Me, are These Ten Cherry Trees

Time alone, with nature’s “creations”, translated…

Back in the elementary years, I was shy, every time the bell rang, as the rest of the classmates rushed outside, I’d walked toward the library located behind my class, and, started reading the fairytales on my own.

Because I’d gotten so used to being alone, as my one and only friend left me, although I’d felt awful, I’d not known how to express it, and so, I’d started into the cherry trees in the gardens, watching the petals fall off, felt, that there were, only these TEN cherry trees that knew me best in the whole wide world.

not my drawing…

After that, I’d treated the trees as my friend, in between classes, I’d taken my cup, as a way of watering, and used it as a microphone, performing for them, as I got tired of singing, I’d sat underneath the trees, and told my troubles to them. Sometimes, they’d, shared things with me too, the petals that fell, along with on the branches, in the leaves, is the language that only I know how to speak.

Once the teacher took us to the gardens to sketch, it’d taken me no more than thirty minutes to draw out their tales, and my teacher was in awe, “That, was the painting filled with the most life!”

Everybody looked at my artwork, I’d looked over at my tree friends, and smiled a secretive smile, that, was our little secret.

After I graduated, I’d become, more and more opened up, and, I was often, surrounded by a bunch of friends, and yet, I’d still missed these old trees, and I’d made my way back, to visit them from time to time.

not my photograph…

So, these, are what accompanied you through your younger years of loneliness, because these living things just stand still and listens to you pour your heart out, and, sometimes, just having something to listen to you can make you feel a whole lot better!


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