Thoughts about Mother’s Day…

Why celebrate, huh??? There’s, NOTHING WORTH celebrating about this particular “occasion” so to speak to me, besides, this is just, ANOTHER reminder (like my birthday had been, along with ALL those “major occasions”???) that my daughter is already D-E-A-D!

something you will NEVER see me do, with my family of ORIGIN!!!  Not my picture

Why the FUCK (and your point being???) would I want to celebrate Mother’s Day? It’s not, as if, you’d EVER been, a good enough mother to me or anything, and to think, that back in my younger years (up to high school???), I’d specially handwritten cards to you too.

This is, supposed to be a day, of appreciation for all the mothers out there, and yet, I can’t help, but feel aloof, ambiguous about it, besides, I’d NEVER had a mother, just like you’d never had a child, and you’d NEVER even loved me anyway, so, why should I, bring myself up all preppy, all upbeat, in that supposedly celebratory mode, huh???

carnation withering away 的圖片結果bouquets of flowers, to show our appreciation for our mothers, uh, YEAH RIGHT!!!  Not my photo.

And yes, I’ll be, painting THAT smile on, once more, like I always do here!!!

These special occasions are always, a BITCH, if you ask me, but yeah, I know, I know: who asked Y-O-U, right…


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