Dr. Slump at Our House

a child, dressed up as the cartoon character, photo from online…

A comic book character, in REAL-LIFE here, translated…

My five-year-old granddaughter enjoys being mischievous, she’d started wearing pairs of pants over her head, with the layers of skirts, and, heaven only knows where she’d found those oversized glasses, and done many poses to show off. As the photographs posted on FB, there were, kudos all around, some said, “This was, like Dr. Slump!”

Who’s Dr. Slump? Gladly, my friend who’d made the comment immediately posted the comic character of Dr. Slump, and, there were, about ninety-nine percent similarity, turns out, there WAS, a prototype of Dr. Slump, and, it’d, come from our house.

But, looking at the photo from all angles, this Dr. Slump looked very familiar to me. Although the name was unfamiliar, but the pictures, weren’t, I’d thought long and hard, wasn’t she, Rainy Ting? Rainy Ting was a comic book character, that even I’d gotten so into over, so, she’d changed her name, to “Dr. Slump” then. Just like how the electronic cat is now known as, Doraemon, and, as the stories are still being retold over and over again, the original name had been, gone with the wind now.

The instances of names which were changed were enormous, but, what do, those changed names symbolize now? The cultures are related to the eras, and naturally, the naming of things needed to go in accordance, those culturally different products, the specialty items designed by varied individuals, reflected what the trend is right now, and, even if the older objects were used, it’d needed to be changed presently; when nothing can be changed, changing the items names, that, is a sort of an innovation too, and so, the mechanical cat turned into Doraemon, and Rainy Ting became, Dr. Slump.

from the cartoon, picture from online…

And still, the Rainy Ting in my memories, nobody can awaken now, just like how I can’t, get the lost years back again. One day, when our Dr. Slump grows up and because a knock-out, I will still miss how she’d looked today.

So, this, is how things have changed in the past, and, this young girl had, brought back the lost memories to her grandparent, and, the narrator felt nostalgic, realizing, that everything had, changed, that, some things are, lost for good, but, no matter what, this young granddaughter will always look as she had done to him as she became an embodiment of Dr. Slump from the cartoons…

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