Settling for Happy

This seemed to be a great “end goal”, being happy, right??? So, why do we settle for it, instead of, strive for it, like a goal?

Settling for happy, this, was what we’re all, forced to do! Remember how you’d felt that you needed to paint on that smile, to please someone else, and you’d felt awful, despite how radiantly you’d, smiled toward the outside world? Settling for happy, that, is what it is!

Settling for happy, I won’t, NOT anymore, because happiness shouldn’t be settled for, but to be achieved (like a goal, say???). Settling for happy, I won’t, I have NOBODY that I need to please, save for me, and, if I don’t feel happy, so what, I just, cry it all out, let these tears, come out from my eyes, have myself, a REAL good cry, and after I’m done cryin’, I’ll feel, a whole lot better, because those gray and stormy skies had, lost some burdens and rains, and now, it’d become, clearer…


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