The Collier’s Encyclopedia on a Bus

Changes that occurred, over time, due to advances in technology, it’s, really sad, if you think about it, translated…

The three bus routes started placing books behind the driver’s seat two, three years ago, for the passengers to take with, to instill that trend of reading.

At first, there were, a lot of books, that were, high in quality. But slowly, the libraries were having troubles, providing the reading materials, and, the slots were, empty, sometimes, there were only, a few volumes of “Taipei Art Journals” there. After all, this program that’s free, that doesn’t require a library card, won’t last long.

This day, I’d gotten on a bus, and, I was, shocked to find there to be, two English volumes of Collier’s Encyclopedia in the book boxes.

“Collier’s Encyclopedia” was once one of the most widely read encyclopedias alongside Encyclopedia Americana and Encyclopedia Britannica, and normally only found in the shelves of libraries. I’d recalled that some thirty odd years ago, a volume of all-English encyclopedia cost over $40,000N.T.s, that these books were, cherished very much, by the librarians.

But since the rising of ebooks and Google, these twenty to thirty volumes of heavy encyclopedias, because they took up too much shelf space, they’re, done away with first. In the past decade or so, the printed versions of encyclopedias had stopped getting published, it was popular in the U.S., where the encyclopedia salesperson dragged along the volumes door-to-door to sell them, and now, this industry had, vanished.

found on a bus, photo from the papers…

But on this bus, seeing how the volumes of encyclopedias were split up (only two volumes), inside the reading box, and, maybe, their fate entailed being taken away, and sold, to the recycling businesses, I’d felt impacted; Is our industry really, becoming, extinct? The encyclopedias were once, KINGS of reference books, and the whole set were kept, in that notable shelf in the libraries, never to be checked out, and now, how did they, end up, on the busses?

Yup, because of the internet, these originally used books of research now became, outdated, and, reading books (with the pages) is on the verge of extinction, and, it is, quite sad, seeing how copies of these originally kept private in the library collections can end up, somewhere, on a bus!

the arguments for both sides here, picture from online…


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