A Heaven for the Stubborn

Know thyself, realizing one’s own tendencies to act stubbornly, translated…

From selecting my major, to romance, to work, I guess, I’m among the lucky, my peers all have the baggage of family, I don’t. I just hope in that car with my name on it, hit the gas, and kept to my choices in life, using the belief of I deserved better in life as my fuel, with my childhood dreams as the goal, and, my small car bumped around in the universe.

Because of my stubborn nature, I’d cried silently and secretly. I know, that everybody is on her/his own path, either driving on, or fixing our separate rides. I thought, that what gentle meant was, not bothering anybody else, and persisted in growing into and becoming who I am is the right ways to be.

But in a seminar, I’d heard an elder spoke of his own understanding of life, “I will head where happiness is.”, I’d immediately taken a mental note of his words, and, put it as the motto for my own little car, and enjoyed getting involved more and more, and met a ton of new friends on the way, believed, that the source of my happiness, is beginning the journeys. But, I’d forgotten, to ask my elders, what, if I’d lost the drive to start up, and couldn’t believe, that happiness is out there for me to seek out, what, can I do?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, as a senior stubborn person, I’m used to going in opposite direction compared to everybody else, but, when I’m feeling lost, I actually felt compelled, to stand still.

So, this, is realizing the tendency of your own belief systems, and, you see that your stubbornness can cause problems for you in life, and now, you will have the motivations to change, because you want your life to get better, and, by not being stubborn, is the first thing you need to change about yourself.


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