Couldn’t Bear to Watch Her be So Far Away , So He Reacted Angrily

His anger was actually, a mask for how unwilling he was, of seeing his daughter go to school so far away, translated…

At supper, we’d all lowered our heads, kept to our meals.

My husband, who’s usually mild tempered, got angered about my daughter’s applications to the university. He’d stated that the major she’d chosen didn’t have any future, that she won’t be able to find a job after she graduated, and, it seemed, that unless my daughter was willing to give up going to the interview at the school, otherwise, he will keep on feeling angry. The cell phone rang, he’d put down his bowl and chopsticks, collected his emotions, walked out of the house, to settle some business that he had. And the three of us who are left on the tables, let out a sigh of relief.

“Weird, I had, asked dad what he thought before I applied, it’s really, strange,” my daughter mumbled to herself. “The south is way too distant, dad must feel bad about you leaving.”, my son speculated. “Because I was dad’s lover from a previous life? Oh, no wonder mom didn’t object.” My daughter had always played coy, and affirmed her place in our hearts at the proper times. “This, is totally untrue, of course I wouldn’t want you to go”, my daughter flashed that smile that stated, “Yay, I won!”

“Why? If I’d gotten in, I’d still come back home. There’s the high-speed rails!” “The high-speed rail would make the commute faster sure, but, after you’d gone away for college for long, the sun is more radiant, the scene more beautiful, and people are more welcoming in that region of the country. Plus, you may be engaged in a ton of extracurricular activities, and not have any time with the families, even in the summer time or the winter vacations! Let alone, coming home for visits?”, my son stated, from his own experiences.

“Yup, if your boyfriend happens to be from the southern regions, then, you may be ‘stationed’ there for good.”, I’d, painted out the scenes of her possible future for her.

“You’re all exaggerating it, maybe dad really didn’t like me studying in this major!”, my daughter was still worried. And my son didn’t believe it to be a fact, and, enticed us, to find out what’s causing my husband’s anger.

saying goodbye, that’s never easy!  Not my photo…

A little later, my husband sagged down on the couch, and watched the television out of boredom. In order to break the silence that the anger brought on, my daughter and I sat down beside him, one on each side. “So, can she go for that interview down south or not?”, I’d prodded, carefully. “Didn’t I finish this discussion before I went out?”, my husband’s wavering now. “The sign-up is almost expired, you need to give me an answer now!”, I’d emphasized the matter. “Don’t push me, I couldn’t bear the thought she’s so far away!”, in his words that stopped making sense, the truth finally, came out.

And, this anger that came abruptly, it’d seemed to be unreasonable, but, actually, it was because he’d felt unwilling to let our daughter go.

So, this, is, I guess, a round-and-about way that men EXPRESSED their emotions, because of the way they’re socialized, they believed, that softening themselves down would make them vulnerable, so, they’d all, MASKED their true emotions up with anger, but in this case, the truth still came out at the very end, and hopefully, the daughter will find a way, to convince her father, that it’s a process of growing up, that she leaves the nests, but she will come back every now and then to spend time with her parents too!

now, all we need to do, is to get going…NOT my photograph…


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