No More Faking It!!!

I will NEVER again, feel compelled, to FAKE it! I will NEVER, smile when I feel like crying, just because the world wanted to “see” me happy, because MY happiness, is MY experience, so is my sadness, along with every OTHER feeling that’s in-between (and yeah, that still includes: ANGER, resentment, etc., etc., etc.).

No more faking it, ‘cuz I’d had it, with this THICK clown-face mascara on my face, along with that RUBY red lipstick smile! No more faking it, I have, NO need to please anybody else on this god DAMN fucking (and your point being???) planet, I only have to, answer to No.1 (and, guess WHO is No.1???).

No more faking it for me, ‘cuz I’d lived my entire life (that was still a full FUCKING twenty-SIX whole years) according to other people’s wishes, and I’d, HAD it, life became mine, back when I died in ’08, and ever since, nobody else’s words had gotten too deeply into me!

No more faking it, and that, is that, this, is me, take it or leave, and feel free to L-E-A-V-E as you wish to, I don’t have to show you the D-O-O-R now, do I???


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