These Broken Dreams We’d, Shared

There were, many things, we’d, come to share, this home, this so-called life, these, broken dreams too, don’t forget them!

These broken dreams we’d, shared, became an obstacle to our love. We were, so tied up and bound, by these dreams that were, broken from before we got together, we’d, allowed them, to take over the new life we’d, come to start.

not my sketch…

These broken dreams we’d, shared, they’d become, too difficult, to navigate through, they were like, those hardened stones, barely visible until you’d, tripped on them, which were, hidden, in between, the tall, tall grasses on the pasture of green. These broken dreams we’d, shared, I can’t believe, that I’d let them, last this long, it’s time, I’d, ended them all for good.

But I’d heard you begged and pleaded, for me, to NOT put all these broken dreams, out of their separate and collective, miseries, but, WHY is that, huh? Don’t you know, that these, broken dreams, are NO good to us, that they will, end up, damaging this love we’d kept alive?

These broken dreams we’d shared, ended up, breaking us. We were, drained, little, by little, each, and every day, without ever, noticing their barely noticeable existence, until one day, they’d become, such enormous beasts, threatening our old ways of life………

not my photograph…


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