Your Love Turned My World Upside Down

Your love turned my world upside down, and, I kinda like it, ‘cuz, I’d never experienced, this sort, of extreme before, but, regardless, this world that’s upside down, was only, fun for a short while!

Your love turned my world upside down, it’d made me experience something I’d never felt before, that sense of safety, that sense, of being protected, of belonging, to someone, that I was, longing for, but it was, DEAD wrong, I just, didn’t, know it, just yet…

love turning me upside down 的圖片結果crazy things people do because of love, NOT my photograph…

Your love turned my world upside down, as I was, riding on this rollercoaster called love, as the cars sped up toward the skies, I’d felt, that rush, that high, from the excessive adrenaline that I’d had, and yet, after the adrenaline rush, I was left, with this, low, that took me, DOWN to hell.

And soon enough, I’d realized, that I don’t want this love that felt so exciting, that I would much, rather, have a steady and stable kind of love, but, too late, because, I was, slowly, getting, IN too deep, in your that web of deception you’d weaved, and, step, by step, I’d, walked, deeper, into those lies you’d, made up, to capture me, and, surely enough, I’d become, DEVOURED, by the black widow of your ways of doing things, and I had, D-I-E-D!!!

not my picture…

Your love turned my world upside down, and yeah, maybe, there’s that feel of extreme wellbeing at the start, but eventually, after the rush wears itself off, the lows would start to, set in, and then, what, would I have left? Nothing, and so, I’m done, longing, for the highs of your love, I’d much rather, live my day to day, like the FLAT line of the heart monitor, because, at least, it’s, steady, AND stable………


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