Seeing the Sights Through the Windows

a bird, singing outside…NOT my photograph…

Findings on a trip somewhere away, translated…

There wasn’t a clock in the room, so I couldn’t know what time it is. Where, is my cell phone?

I’d awakened, on this strange bed, found myself moving very slowly, gotten up, gotten dressed, put my slippers on, stood, in the corner, gazed toward that door, it’s, the “muscle relaxant”, I got up, but, the effects of the muscle relaxant had yet to, wear off. My brain suddenly became confused, of why I have this body, it’d made me feel more aged. That was, a sleeping pill I’d taken, I’d never taken one before.

I know you would want to know, what I’m doing with the sleeping pills? Yeah, in order to allow more rest for my liver, in order to make sure my marrows start producing more blood, in order to not to tire out my lungs, to make my blood pressures forget to rise up, in order, to save up the needed energies of my heart, to make sure it keeps on, beating, I’d, followed the doctor’s orders, go to bed earlier. I can’t sleep, I can’t fall asleep, so, I followed the doctor’s orders: sleeping pills.

birds dancing outside the window 的圖片結果“I’m just standing here, posing for you”…NOT my photo.

I’d started on these sleep aids in the autumn of 2013, for a period of time, I had, yet to adjust my own body, to the disorganized sense of relaxations. So I’d, set myself in that wide and open window, pull back the white curtains, like opening the curtains to a stage, the transparent window pane showed the dancers dancing, the windows in Beijing, the skies in Beijing were, drizzling, the air, refreshed, and carelessly, that freshness entered through the windows. Many years since I’d come to Beijing, the very first morning, there wasn’t the serious smog, nor the horrifying dust storms. The drizzling rain hit the windows, the serenity lasted but, a few seconds, then, the trees had, made the dent markings on the windows.

I’d slowly gotten down, with my head against the panes, the trunk of that tree, not too thick, the branches, malnourished too, but, it’d grown over four stories tall, with the light green flowers, and the small light green fruits, I’d not seen them before, hey, you beautiful tree of the north, what, is your name?

I’d managed through the routines, in this foreign place, and very slowly still, the familiar cotton robe clamped to my body, I’d walked on, and the white robe floated, waved its hands, like talking to an old friend, very interesting.

This temporary stay of mine was on the third floor, but it gave me a crystal clear view of someone’s yard, there were those trees, too ancient, that I can’t name them, clearly from, the Ching Dynasty, very large. I can’t make the recognitions, can’t call them by name, the trees had, weathered through the eras, the dynasties, the years, absorbed everything in.

The drizzle stopped every now and then, and, a bird came out, fast like the wind, the magpies came out first, I’d recognized the white bellies, with the huge black tails, as they’d, quacked on. I also knew the crows, completely black, quacked on loudly, glaring, staring me down. I could see him, from where I was, as it’d, glared back at me, like stating that it was, his territory I was in. But, who was it, that chitter-chattered, endlessly, on the far end of the branches? And who was it, with the beautiful turquoise long tails, and who was it, with the gray tails? And, who is it, that flew overhead, with the tail folded, back into a rhombus?

posing, for my photo-op, NOT my photo.

I’d never liked birds, I can hug on to a cat, I can play with a dog, the tigers, lions, leopards, they’re all, very interesting wild animals, yeah, I just loved those, furry critters. As for the birds, they flew too high up in the skies, can’t see them clear, I wouldn’t know how to establish that connection with them. I’d opened up my windows and whistled, three flocks, two birds, with the wings so strong, flapped on in the skies, and, all those birds that I’d, lost sight of, all of a sudden, came back to the trees, and, settled there. With the various sizes of their heads, the separate sets of round eyes, checking me out, from here, and from there.

The rectangular building, with people standing by every window, don’t the residents talk to the birds here? How, did they manage, to get all these birds I couldn’t name, to my window? Jumping up and down those branches, and chirped on incessantly? Like they were, establishing their connections with me or something, unwilling, to let go of the sound of my whistling, leaving me. Small critters, I have to declare, that I was, wrong from before, I do like you, oh, how I liked you very much. I’d loved, seeing you all again (yes, this, is my confessions of love).

My journeys took me to a place to live, not just to sightsee, even as I’m in my own city, every time I’d left my bedroom, my kitchen, my desk, I’d bore witness to a brand new sight. Let alone when I’m in Beijing, although I was still indoors, only standing by the windows, I was already, enjoying, the findings of my trip here.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, happiness.

keeping our separate “grounds” here, NOT my photo still…

So, this just shows, how if only, you open up your minds, to experience, you will find, that nature has many gifts to offer you, and, even IF you’re not a nature nut, you can still, appreciate the beauties the natural world has to offer, can’t you?

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