The Couch

A posting on the bus, translated, by me!!!

don’t you just wanna, sit down for a while???  NOT my photograph still…

Everybody Says that

I Have that Inviting Feeling that Says

“Please, Do Come Sit”

there’s, that couch, that’ll give you, your needed doses of intimacy from being hugged…NOT my photograph…

Actually, that is, Totally Incorrect

It’s More of a

“Come Let Me Give You a Hug” Kinda Feeling

So, there’s, that misinterpretation of a couch, and maybe, you feel, that ooh, that couch looks inviting, and, it calls out to you, to come and sit in it, that doesn’t necessarily mean, that its intentions are as you had, interpreted or imagined it would be, and this still just showed, how there are, more than ONE way to interpret something you encounter in the world…




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