Your Lies Became a Cage

Your lies became a cage, that I’d gotten, so used to, living in, because I get my meals regular, delivered to me at scheduled hours of the day, it’d become, comfortable…

not my puicture…

Your lies became a cage, and, I’d become like that wild animal that’s just, captured, and placed in the confines, I’d, rammed around, fought as hard as I could, to break free from the restraints, but, to no avail.

Seems, I’ll die, with many wounds (from trying to break free???) inside this cage, made of your lies. Why, oh why, did I have to, fall for them in the first place? Is it that I was, so desperate for love, that I’d, jumped, at the first chance of what-seemed-to-feel-like it? Or, was this, my destined, heartbreak, a lesson, I must learn, the hard way?

a huge risk if you jump…NOT my picture…

Your lies became a cage, and I, the prisoner, although I’m, tired, of living in this two by four, and, despite how I am drawn toward the sense of that freedom, I still, couldn’t, break free!





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