I Still Missed “Us”…

This is strictly, from MY big oversized, BOBBLE-HEAD, there’s, NO truth in this one whatsoever!!!

I still missed “us”, despite how you don’t want “us” anymore, you’d, tossed “us”, carelessly aside, kicked “us” to the curb, hopped into your truck, and drove off, without looking BACK again…

not my picture…

I still missed “us”, but why? Why, am I still, so trapped, by this no-good-love that you’d given me, huh??? Am I such a masochist, do I just, ENJOY, being tortured? Or, do I, need, my HEAD examined???

I still missed “us”, and that, is just it, there’s, NO way, I’ll EVER stop, missing “us”, because, of how enmeshed I’d become of you, and, that sort of DE-tachment doesn’t happen overnight. It’s kinda like an ADDICTION, that the only SUCCESSFUL way of quitting it, little by little every single day, and NOT cold-turkey all of a sudden………

I still missed “us”, oh no I don’t, ‘cuz, there was, nor had there ever BEEN, an “us”, there was just me, myself, and I, and oh, whatever the HELL it is that you are, so no, I never missed “us”, ‘cuz there never WAS one (us, I mean!!!), but, there’s always, ME, MYSELF, and I, and the three of “us” are still, doing fine!



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