Why Am I Keeping All These Photographs?

Why am I, keeping ALL these photographs, huh??? It’s not like, those moments of happiness can ever be, returned. So, how come, I’m still, holding on?

Those photos of our happier pasts, they’d now become, this TOTAL mockery of what became of us now, and, the more the photos stayed, the more annoyed I felt, and, several time, I almost (still doesn’t quite count???) brought myself to, hit the DELETE button, and send EVERYTHING to the recycle bin, and yet, time and time again, I’d regretted over it, and, went through the trash, to get it all back again.

going down the drains here!  Not my photograph…

Why am I keeping all these photographs? Because everybody in them looked happy? But, don’t you remember, how the shutters clicked, and, everybody just, fell back, to their old selves (after all, unless you’d had BOTOX injections, there’s NO way you can keep that STIFF grin from ear to ear!).

Why am I keeping all these photographs? As a reminder, as a sort of a roadmap, to show what it’d taken, for me, to get to where I currently am? Yeah, that must be it!!! Why am I keeping all these photographs? Oh, ‘cuz I can’t quite let go of you, of the me I’d found with you, and, I reckon, that it’s gonna take me, a little while long (just a bit more time???), until I’m fully able to, let all of this go into the TOILET, and then, I’ll FLUSH, and, walk outta there!!!

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