A Bowl of Fish Ball Soup for Just Fifty Cents, at Lunch

Feeling a bit nostalgic now, are we??? Translated…

I’d always had that strong liking toward the fish ball soups.

In my middle school years, I’d started bringing lunch to school, in the lunch hours, I’d taken the fifty-cents my mother handed me, headed to the school shop, bought a bowl of five-pieces fish ball soup, to have with my rice, for six whole years.

After supper during those years, my mother would fill up the packed lunches with rice, added, “Child! Use these fifty-cents, to go to the school shop, and buy some soup or vegetables to add to your lunch!”, I’d kept silent, with my head lowered, because of the tone of sorrow in my mother’s voice…………

the soup, wtih a bowl of rice, and that, was LUNCH!!!  Not my photos…

In the school shops, the female owner always smiled toward me, “Pipe! Fish ball soup again!”, I felt so very, ashamed, and carried my lunch to a corner, covered up my packed lunch, and gulfed it all down. What was most awkward was, as a girl sat down next to me, I’d, pretended that I was drinking the soups for after my lunch, then, headed to the back of the cafeteria to hide out, and, swallowed down the rice.

The four seasons past, with countless bowls of fish ball soup served, I’d had a ton of bowls of fish ball soups in my over seventy years of life, and, in the freshness of the fish balls, I’d still found the traces of my poverty-stricken younger years. What’s unchanged was, that aroma from the soup still seeped between my teeth!

So, you grew up, hard, but, despite how hard your family had it, you’d still, managed to survive through, and now, the fish ball soups became a way you have, of recalling your childhood days…


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