Rekindling that Old Flame, and, There are, Suspicions…

Uh…is that, TROUBLE that I smell??? A Q&A, translated…

Q: I’d Recently Divorced, and He’d Fallen Ill, and, Our Shared Pasts Started, Coming Back to Us……….

Closing to age fifty, QQ, who’d divorced for about a decade, about fifteen days ago, went to a concert with a friend. Twenty minutes before the show started, they’d waited at the entrances, carrying on in casual conversations, and skimmed through the crowds; all of a sudden, a tall and slender man had, locked eyes with her from across the way, he’d stared at her, and, all of a sudden, QQ felt that electricity flowing between them, wasn’t that Tai, whom she almost married? But, he looked too thin, like something sliced him down, she was unsure. She’d shifted her gaze somewhere else, but that man walked toward her, and called out her nickname.

QQ lifted her head up, in order to keep her tears from falling down, she’d, tilted her head. “Can’t recognize me? It’s a wonder.” He was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and in the past three, four years, he’d been, battling his cancer on and off, had several surgeries, and is still going to his scheduled hospital checkups. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’d not known…and, how’s your wife?”, he’d nodded toward her, “You’d looked…than before”, before he’d finished his sentence, Tai was, called away, by a group of people of young and old.

She’d wasted the money on the good seats for that concert, because, other than Tai’s looks from before, nothing else registered into her mind. For the fifteen days that came after that, she’d become an insomniac, and, regretted how she’d not given him the chance to explain himself, and couldn’t let go of how he’d still, married that woman as his wife. QQ broke up with him, because she feared being dumped by him, how, can she let go?

A My Advice:

not my photograph…

That, is how life goes, either than a man leaves a woman, or a woman leaves a man; either that they’d parted in life, or in death. So many years had gone by, and going back to understand, if he’d cheated, or feeling regrets over how you couldn’t be more tolerant, it’s all, useless now. She’s divorced, he was diagnosed with cancer, life is truly, difficult, but, fate would give each of us our separate trials. Not everybody would have the chance, to bump into that old flame, just treat it like that old dress that doesn’t fit you any more, stashed, inside the bottommost drawer of your closets, still beautiful as ever, and serving the sole purpose, of making you nostalgic, nothing more. You still must, cast your eyes, toward your own future.

I smell TROUBLE, not my cartoon!

So, this, is on what-might-have-been, what-could-have been, and, all of that added up to, more and more regrets, and, if this woman doesn’t SNAP out of it, she will find herself, trapped by the past all over again, I can only imagine, how long it must’ve taken, for her, to get over this love of his, especially how she ALMOST married him, but, this late in the “games”, it’s best, that she just, let all of this, fall to gray…


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