That Old Suitcase…

Remember that old suitcase we’d taken on our honeymoon? Remember, how it was, such a simple leather case, without too much added on (the combination locks, the keys, etc., etc., etc.). The times, they were, simpler then, weren’t they?

That old suitcase, with ALL those years of our good AND bad memories, collected into it, it’d been, sitting up there, in the attic, for ages, forgotten, by us both…

something that looks like this, perhaps???  Photo from online…舊皮箱 的圖片結果

That old suitcase, it’d, carried, all our former years of love, and now, on the verge, of parting ways, I’d, stumbled upon that old thing, as I’d, cleaned out the attic, of this house, where ALL the memories, were made.

It’d, tumbled down, and, opened all on its own, and, the contents within it, they’d all, spilled out, splattered, all over the floors of that dusty old attic. I’d, started, cleaning up, picking up its, contents, not paying the things that were in there any mind, at first.

Then, a photo of us, on that very first vacation, with the kids, popped out, and, I’d, picked it up, looked at us closely, that was, one of our, best moments together, wasn’t it?

and inside of it, photo from online…

And, look at us now! We’d lived separate lives, we’d, managed, to, raise three wonderful children into their adulthood years, and they’re now all, doing quite well in their separate lives, our jobs as their parents, are done here!

That old suitcase, was the only thing I took, plus the assets, split down in the middle, in our long and overdue divorce, and, I’d, stored it, in the attic again, of this loft that I bought with my alimony, and, forgotten, that it’s, there, like how, we’d lived in this former marriage we once shared, like two strangers too………


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