Caught the Rain…

Call it, my carelessness, if you will, and no, I still, don’t pay ANY attention to the weather forecasts!

like this, NOT my picture…

Caught the rain, but gladly it was, only starting to fall, and so, I’d, hastened my own pace, as I, walked through these, busy city streets. Caught the rain, and I’d just, allowed my self, to become, drenched in it, to have it, cleanse me, from head, down to toe.

Caught the rain, but why you ask? Because, the rain has that, renewing property, it can, cleanse all your yesterdays off of you, make you, renewed, and, refreshed too, don’t you know…

standing in the rain without an umbrella 的圖片結果like this, NOT my photograph still…

Caught the rain, and I still, don’t like it one bit, especially when I’d just, washed and blown dry my hair! Caught the rain, and I know, that this, wasn’t the last time, the rain should, catch me off-guard, without an umbrella!

Caught the rain, just like, ANY other occasions, sunny, cloudy, I still, walk on, just keep on, marching, toward that, distant future that’s, waiting there for me………



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