It’s a Blessing, Changing Tracks

Quitting, because of a misunderstanding had, opened up a door of opportunity for the woman, while those who’d stayed at her former job, well, they’re not, doing so well, translated…

That day, I received a call from my former coworker, May, she’d told me she wanted to talk to me about something, and I’d known right away, that she’d hit a bump at work again.

At first, she’d worked as an accountant at her last job, she’d gotten along with her two assistant at first, but later on, they’d gotten on bad terms because of the assignments of tasks, they’d started blaming me for not making the right calls; it’d put me, who was stuck between my manager and my subordinates, in a difficult position.

May who works in the auditing department who started working four months before I had, because of our age, we’d become, the best of friends, and had spent lunch and gotten off work together often. I’d originally thought, that May understood me, but once, my assistant had gone over me, to complain about me, May didn’t stand up for me right away, and believed in the exaggerated claims of my assistant. Later on, we’d argued for almost an hour in the manager’s office, as I’d stepped out of the office feeling disappointed, I’d bumped into my boss, and, I told him, that I wanted, to quit, and, not knowing what had happened, he’d not said a word, and signed off on my resignation.

On my last day of work, I’d asked May to head to the rooftop restaurant for lunch with me. During the time, May was displeased at how I’d just, quit my job, not consulted her first. She’d believed, that there is, room for discussion still, but I was already, a defeated soldier, ready, to leave.

After a month of break time, I’d started working at my current company as an executive accountant, although I’d made a lower pay compared to before, but, the coworkers got along very well with each other. During this time, I’d still kept contact with May, and she’d from time to time, told me of the office goings-on since I’d left.

Later on, May finally learned what her assistance was all about, and felt bad about having misunderstood me from before. Every time she’d told me about the happenings at my former workplace, I’d felt, so very glad, that I’d, quitted that job from before.

I’d heard, that the new executive accountant was excellent working, and the superior depended greatly on her, and the two assistants both left the job one by one, because they have different ideals about the company. And because the workers came and went too quickly, May started becoming left out by the boss, and from time to time, she’d become, the scapegoat of things, she’d felt trying.

Tonight, May lined me, and we’d shared the goings-on of our separate lives, I’d told May, that I’d not blamed her for misunderstanding me from before, instead, I was, more than grateful toward her. Having tripped and fallen, it’d made me realize a lot of things, and now, I’d learned, to become more humbled in interacting with others, and I’d not evaded my responsibilities, when troubles come up in the workplace either. I know, that maybe, May’s future may be filled with bumps, but I believe, that she too, will be like me, finding her own path in life as well.

So, this, is the goings on of an office, because the woman’s manager misunderstood her, didn’t hear both side of the story, and caused her to quit, and, this just shows, that there’s, problem from the top down, because if it’s a company that runs well, meaning that the CEO, the boss, oversees everything, then, everything and everyone below the CEO should also, work out smoothly, but it didn’t, so, it’s the operations of the company that’s having the problems, and, the narrator had, quit, and switched to a better job because of it.


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