Taking These Words Back

Thought I should, write something to you, and so, I’d, sat myself down in front of my desk, turned on the computer, started typing, and, after just a few short lines, I’d, backspaced over everything again.

Taking these words back, it sounded simple enough, doesn’t it, after all, nothing IS final, before you press that “send” button, isn’t it? Taking these words back, as they are not, what I’d, wanted, to say to you anymore!

not my picture…

Taking these words back, but, the thought had, already, freed itself from my mind, gained, a mind all its own, and now, it’s, running with scissors here. Taking these words back, I don’t know if I should, or if I can, as, these words I’d kept, I’d wanted, to speak them aloud to you, just never had the chance to yet, and now, finally, I have, my DAY in COURT.

Taking these words back, I won’t, as you can’t take back what you’d already said, just like you can’t, unthank a thought, once that thought forms from within you, it takes on, a life all its own, and all you can do, is to hope, that it doesn’t, cause too much, irreparable damages!

finding it hard to swallow here, are we now?  Not my photograph…

Taking these words back, why? I have ZERO regrets over anything I’d ever done, and besides, I will, NOT take anything back I’d already said, because it goes against my character…



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