The Imprints of His Lies

You’d been, branded, like those, farm animals, by his lies, and, there’s, no way, you’ll EVER, rid yourself, of that permanent TATTOO now!

The imprints of his lies, they’d, become so deeply, entrenched, they’d gotten, so deep inside your heart and soul, that you can’t, get them back out again, not as easy as that nail you’d stepped on (in which case, I would, strongly recommend you go and get that TETANUS shot!!!)………

not my artwork…

The imprints of his lies, you’d, left him a long, long, long again, and thought, that his lies no longer affected you anymore, but, no matter how far you’d gotten, down the road, his lies had become, imprinted, into your life, and, there’s, NO way, of shakin’ it loose.

The imprints of his lies, the only way, to get rid of that scorched brand he’d implanted onto you, is by, getting OFF of him (like an addiction???), but, because, you’re not ready, to let what you’d invested into that relationship go yet, you’d still felt, taken advantage of, and kept wanting, to get your equal payback, which just, keeps you, trapped deeper, deeper, and deeper…………

not my sketch…a heart bleeding 的圖片結果





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