A Repented Caged Bird

Turning homeward, figuring out, that home is a place that welcomes you back in, no matter what, translated…

Shortly after you’d graduated from technical high school, you’d become like a bird, caged for too long, willing, to work as a sales’ assistant at a small company, and NOT continue with your education, and be guarded by your parents.

Back then, the pays were measly, but, after work, you’d gotten the opportunity to, go into the city with your coworkers, to have some teas, to chit-chat, you’d felt, that it was, the happiest time of your life. And still, don’t know when, the you who had always followed orders, and your parents felt you had, changed, and tried to convince you, to come back home right after work, and yet, you’d, chosen, to anger them by staying out into the late hours of the nights, which caused them to lock up the doors so you couldn’t get back in as you’d returned home.

That time too.

After work, everybody agreed to go to the tea shop to hang out, and you’d told your mother, that you were going home late, but didn’t tell her the time, it’d angered your mother that she just, hung up the phone on you. Surely, that gathering WAS a blast, you’d watched all of your coworkers who are so full of life experiences share their lives’ tales, felt that everything is so very new and wonderful. Until after the gatherings, it was, already, very late, on the way home, your motorcycle skidded, and, you were, thrown to the side of the roads like a bowling ball, had multiple abrasions on your arms and legs. There was, no one around you, you’d carried your pains, gotten up, attempted to, restart your ignition. And thankfully, although the motorcycle was damaged partially, it’d still, worked.

home is a place to be, after a long, hard day, not my picture…

As you arrived home, you found the doors unlocked, you’d taken your motorcycle in. The light in the living room turned on, your mom saw how beaten you were, took a look over at your motorcycle, with that look of distress, of worry over you, didn’t say a single word, just dressed your wounds. And this scene was able to, get your heart back home again.

Afterwards, your parents didn’t blame you, or scold you. But, after that, you’d, come back home again.

So, this, is on the longing, to fly out, and realizing, that home is a harbor for you, because you’d felt that warmth from your family, how they’re always going to be there for you, no matter what, even as you’d returned home later than you were supposed to, your mother still, took care of your injuries, and that made you change your ways, you’d, realized, that home is always a safe place for you, and, it’s a place you want to be close to…


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