Cell Phone Screen, a Short Prose

How this marriage is, slowly, falling to pieces, translated…

The new cell phone he got had a screen that’s too large, he couldn’t touch all the keys with just one hand. And because of this, when they’d gone strolling on the streets, he’d often had to let go of her hand, to return the text messages he’d received, but, he’d never let her know who he was texting to.

too tuned in to the electronic devices here, NOT my photograph…

Slowly, she’d begun to feel, that their love was like, the cell phone with the widened screen that he has………too far away, and she’s, almost, out of reach from it now.

So, you’re paying more attention to your cell phone than your wife or girlfriend, and she’d begun to feel, ignored and unimportant to you, and, if you don’t realize this, ASShole, you will, lose that good woman!

what it looks like…NOT my photograph…


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