Life-Like Paintings

On bringing the art one makes to life, translated…

The Painter,

like this painting, NOT my picture…

To Keep Their Hearts, Their Eyes Alive Too

To Look Upon Us Who are Outside of the Paintings

Watching Us, as We Drank the Best-Quality of Teas

(The Tea Master Also Kept the Teas Alive)

The Aromas from the Lotuses in the Paintings


The Wind in the Art, Alive

The Water, Alive

Light, Living

Never Aging

Every Tea Drinker Has the Wind Inside Their Cups

With the Light in the Cups

sketches of lotuses 的圖片結果like this one, not my sketch…

The Master of Puh-er Tea, Shih-Hai Deng Said,

“The Cups that Floated Out into the Reality

Contained the Aromas of the Scented Lotuses

So, this, is how the line of reality and creativity blurred, because the artist painted with such real-life resemblances, and, the artist gave life to whatever it is s/he had painted. Just like the tea master, instilling that life source into the teas s/he is steeping up…



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