Vow to Enter into Teacher’s College?

She’d still, helped her mother fulfill her dreams through her in the very end, translated…

Since I was growing up, I’d lived up to the name of a “well-behaved child”, if there was an incident, where I’d, not gone according to the adults’ wishes, probably, it was just, that once………

My father originated from Sichuan, when he was younger, he was picked out for being young and strong, to follow the army to fight off Japanese invasions, came to Taiwan in 1949, like a lot of his fellow servicemen, he too was, poor, and couldn’t provide the $60,000N.T. my mother’s family asked in her dowry. My mother who’s decisive and brave told him, “Let’s just get married at the courthouse!”, waited until we were born, in order to help with the household finances, she’d, returned back to the workforce.

Back then, she’d worked the night shifts at the electronics factory, couldn’t have the mind, to take note of our academic performances at all, but she’d always told me, “It’s best, if girls grow up to become teachers!”, as a child, I was, very naïve too, in the fourth-grade year, I’d made a poster, posted on my bedroom door, and as I entered and exited my room every single day, I’d come across the words, “Vow to Enter into Teacher’s College”.

Thanks for the blessings, I’d gotten into my first-choice of high school, and luckily, tested into the teacher’s college after I graduated, and, there were, over 1,400 exam takers who were selected into high school, while there were only, a total of one hundred sixty students into the teacher’s college, eighty men, eighty women, which showed, how difficult it was, to get accepted into teacher’s college, but, all the extra fees were, waived, and, we’d received allowances, and, after five years of coursework, we were, sent to the elementary schools to teach.

At which time, my middle school homeroom instructor spoke, “If you want to become a teacher, you can sign up for teacher’s college later on.” Teacher’s college? Such a romantic ideal, to be a college student! Back then, there was only a thirty-percent acceptance rate, and all the college age students were all good looking men and women, with books under their arms, can skip the classes, attend the dances, being able to, fall in love, etc., etc., etc.………I’d felt, a bit, wavered then.

My father told me lovingly, “You decide!”, but my mother still hoped that I could enter into teacher’s college. As I went to the hospitals for my physical before entering, I saw a couple of college students on the bus, and, I’d longed, to be one of them, like them, walking freely, inside those large university campuses, and so, I’d changed my strategies: go to high school, then, take the exams into Teacher University! My mother was furious and heartbroken, but we’re, after all, related, and so, she’d still, put up the money for my high school education.

In the three years of high school, I’d met a ton of outstanding students from all over, we’d competed in our scholastic performances, exchanged our reading materials, and conversed about movies, music, arts too, and, politics too, secretively. And every now and then, we’d fall into a frenzy, being fans of stars (there were so many classmates who were fans to Shu-Chuan Lee), but I knew well, that I’d needed to, manage my time well, if everybody around me goes to three concerts, I’ll only go to one.

Three years ago, I was lucky enough, tested into the Teacher’s University, and my mother’s worries, vanished, and, I’d finally been spared of her “I told you not to!”

So, this, is the experience of your youthful years, and, you’d, DEFIED your mother’s wishes, because you wanted an alternative experience of life that she had planned out for you, and, because you’d carried the expectations of your mother, you’d still, worked hard, and, not let her down.


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