Moving & Letting Go, Thoughts

A lifestyle is what this is, translated…

Life is made up of, series of choices, which made us into who we are currently.

In the process of growing up, I’d moved, countless number of times. And because of how frequently we’d moved, once my parents forgot to tell me where we’d, moved to, after school, I didn’t know where I was turning towards, and so, I can only, start crying by the side of the roads, until my parents finally came, and found me, and led me home.

All of these earlier experiences had made me keep this habit, as I get something, I’d quickly, sorted through them, I’d tossed what needed to be tossed away quickly, and had, tried to maintain what I have, to as simple as I possibly can, so I can, “make a run for it” at any time, to deal with this never-the-same world I live in.

too many things, we’re, hanging on to…NOT my photograph…

This is not only limited to the tangible things, even the information I’d kept inside my computer, or cell phone too, the e-mails in my mailboxes, I’d, delete as much as I possibly can. Every time I’d thrown something away, I’d always felt, relieved, and in my subconscious, I’d treated throwing things away, as a stress relief method. As I’d started to feel, that something wasn’t quite right with my bladder, I’d gone to an urologist, and the doctor told me to kept a diary of my habits, and that was, when I realized, that I have, a smaller volume in my bladder, reason being I’d gone to the restrooms too often, that was why, my bladder was, so small. Normally, the doctors suggested the patients not to keep their urine inside, but my doctor told me, that I’d, needed to, keep my urine in every now and then, after all, too little of something, is also, NOT a good thing.

Thanks to all of my habits, I’d kept my home tidy, reason being, I don’t have many belongings, secondly, I’d, hidden my things inside my closets. Once a friend came by, and she was surprised, at where I’d, kept all of my things.

From when I was growing up, I’d never kept a single card, and all of those feelings were kept, deep inside of me, when I’d gone abroad, I’d not, gone shop-wild either, at most, I’d picked a keyring that’s easy to keep, and won’t take up too much space. And even for the calendars I’d received at the end of the year, I’d cut them into smaller squares, saves the space for me to hang it up, and just, stuck it with a magnet, to the side of my fridge, one piece of paper a month. And naturally, as you would’ve guessed, I’d thrown one out, as the month ended, never leaving a mark.

cleaning things out for that long and overdue yard sale here, NOT my picture…

Some people will have luggage stickers, stuck on their suitcases, that would certainly NOT be me, I’d made sure, that the stickers were, torn off completely. I’d not bought ANY yearbooks either, because it takes up a lot of space. I believe, that laptops are, invented for people like me, everything is saved, inside a small hard drive, everything is, condensed, compressed, to the smallest possible sizes.

I’d often thought, people with hoarding tendencies probably almost never moved from one place to the next, and, moving a couple of times, their hoarding tendencies may well be, cured. Moving, is an alternative sort of psychological cleaning too, you’d needed to, say goodbye to the past, learn to, lose things, learn to, begin again.

So, this, is this person’s character, s/he felt no need, to keep too many belongings, because the individual moved around a lot, and, from her/his pervious moving experiences, s/he’d learned, that keeping so many things that were of, “sentimental values” doesn’t do her/him any good, so, the individual started living, using a whole new lifestyle, a life of reductions, and, it’s, worked for her/him, fine.

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