Inspirations that Came from the Rain

Finding inspiration from one’s external environments here, translated…

Early in the morn, there’s the light drizzling rain, with that shadowy, that dampened feeling inside my house, I looked out over the back balcony, toward the distant mountains, and felt that cool breeze, and I’d thought, why not, walk into that place that felt more comfortable?

So, with my umbrella, put on my cute rainboots, I’d watched the rain washed into the large ditches close by, looked toward the communities in the distances, and felt grateful, that I have this house, to shelter me from the rain, and that I was able to, go out for a stroll in the rain as I’d wished to. I’d started humming my favorite folk song as I’d walked along, “I’d often walked in the drizzling rain, searching for something, in the drizzling rain………”, how fitting!

just sitting, accomanied by the rain, NOT my photo…

Then, the thunder sounded off, followed by that hard downpour, with the pedestrians’ hastened footsteps, and, I’d, started, catching up to their paces now. Then, I’d thought, I’d forgotten, to listen, to this bliss with my own tempo again, then, the verses of Dong-Puo Su, “Hearing the Leaves Beating in the Woods, and Walking Along Quickly by”, came to my mind.

So, you can find many inspirations in the rain, like this one, had it been a sunny day, then, you wouldn’t have the opportunities to feel inspired by the changes of rain, and couldn’t have become so poetic.

getting bigger now…NOT my photograph…


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