Working in a Small Town, in Exchange for a Stay, Seeing the Clear Blue Skies

Going to a brand new place, living life, naturally, from the Newspapers, translated…

The Old Residence in Lugang Became a Backpackers’ Inn, Brought Smiles that Money Can’t Buy

There are, a lot of people in Taiwan, who’d worked abroad, in exchange for a stay in other countries, actually, there are, programs like those here in Taiwan too. “Al’s Backpacker Inn” in Lugang, Changwha is one such place, an old-style mansion, with that strong scent of nostalgia to it; and, “The Backyard of the Skies” in Da-an Mountain Region in Zhushan, didn’t have any scent of the urbanization in its surrounding environment. These are both great places for those work-stay programs locally.

what the rooms looked like, photo from online…

And, this, is one of the cheapest ways to have an adventure, it’s close by, within this country, not too expensive, for the backpackers’ budgets, and, you have the opportunity, to live in the localities of the areas you’re in, experiencing a simpler way of country living, so, you ready, to go???

a place, with that country “feel” to it, away from the modernizations of the world…photo from online…


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