Don’t Be Hurried, to Fall in Love

Diverting these teens attention, so they don’t think about falling in love so much, and it’s a great practice, to know how to love someone when you do fall in love, translated…

As a homeroom instructor, I saw how many of my teenage students fell in love for the very first time, how they were, troubled by it too. I’d recalled, how I’d administered the depression scale to the children, one of the students scored really high, and needed to be counseled, and, as the date of the talk came, he’d already found another, and is now, very happy, completely, rid of the depression that he was in.

Teens in love, not my photograph…

Seeing how the external cleaning areas are grown in with weeds, I had a brand new idea. I’d gone to the seed section of the Farmer’s Markets, picked up the daisies, and told the students, “Kids, don’t be so hurried to fall in love, try taking care of a plant first, and if you can’t even take care of plants that don’t complain, then, that means you still needed to work harder, so you can give the other person happiness later on in life.”

And, out of my expectation, my students went all in, they’d really treated the daisies like they were, their girlfriends or boyfriends, they’d even gone out into the yards, to talk to the plants too. It’s as if, they’re, taking care of someone they fell in love with! Other than pulling up the weeds close to the daisies, they’d also, talk to the plants too. In their caretaking, the daisies started blooming, and it’d attracted other students from other classes to see, it’d made my students feel achieved. And, they’d stopped running to go and watch the hotties, instead, they’d cared more about which daisies had flowers, and which group has the most flowers.

infatuation, setting in…NOT my photograph…

I’m sure, that putting the environmentalism into regular coursework, it’d surely, reduced, a whole lot of troubles on the love front for the students.

So, the teacher’s idea was correct, if you can’t even take care of a plant that don’t complain, or an animal, how the HELL are you going to be able to keep something that’s alive, love? And, this teacher started this activity, to teacher her/his students, how much they’d needed to, put into the things or the people they’re involved with, only, that romantic partners aren’t like plants, sometimes you put in a lot, and you don’t even get anything in return, instead, you’d gained, a broken heart!


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