Deepsea Diving, a Poem

You can escape, from your own broken heart there, you’re, eventually, going to, face up to it, but for now, you’re, submerged, under all that water, translated…

all that water is enough, to distract you from your broken heart…not my picture…

Finally, the Rope for the Drapes Severed

That String of Shells So White

Broken into Bits & Pieces, Mixed in with Salt Crystals

Disclosed the Sound of the Rain from the Deep Sea

Before I Open My Umbrella

To Construct This World, Made of Corals

Blocking Out the Beauties

The Tentacles of Relationship Became


hurts, doesn’t it???  Not my picture…

You Were, Stuck in the Midst

That Clownfish, Trapped in

The Corals of Your Thoughts

Didn’t Want to Burst Your Bubbles

That She Just

Doesn’t Love You Anymore…………

So, chances are, you will be, more than likely, to keep yourselves underwater, because up above, is the cold hard truth of how she doesn’t love you anymore waiting, while in the oceans, the fishes, they’d, felt better, keeping the truth untold, unspoken, to keep your heart from, shattering………


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