Do Remember to Come Home Often, on Filial Relations

Getting ready, to see his own baby girl off to marry, translated…

Still remembered the very first time I was riding in the car with my father, as I was leaving my hometown for my higher education, he’d told me, “If you miss home, you can come back any time.” Back then, I’d, nodded hard, but, I’d become, like a wild mustang without my harness now, fallen in, to the colorful world in the cities, plus, I’d had multiple disagreements with my parents, and had many confrontations with them, I’d, reduced the number of times I’d gone home to visit.

It’d been over a decade since I’d left my hometown to go away for school, and to start working, every time my father drove me out, the last thing he’d always told me was, “Do remember to come home more.” Normally, I’d only interpreted it as my dad, missing his daughter, but today, as I’d heard him told me, it’d felt, heart aching, I’d held back my tears, watched him drove off into the distance, disappearing, and the conversation we had just ten minutes ago, resonated in my ears, and, my tears flooded out of me.

saying goodbye to his daughter who was about to get married…photo from online…

“Dad, I want to tell you something………”, sitting in the back, I glared at the back of my father’s head, I took a long inhale, told myself: just let it loose!

My father’s left hand was tightened on the steering wheel, he’d reached out his right, to reduce the volume of the radio, to barely audible to me, he’d tuned in to me, waited, for me, to start.

“My boyfriend and his mother wanted to come and ask you for my hand, what do you think?”, I’d squeezed these words out, uneasily.

My father fell silent for a couple of seconds, the air froze, and that barely audible volume of the radio, all of a sudden, got so loud it’d, filled up the entire car, until he’d opened up, said to me, “Okay, the end of this year then.”

We’d continued chatting about the details of the wedding plans, but, not long thereafter, we’d both, gotten lost, in deep thought, until we’d reached where I was going. I stood behind me, about to watch him leave, he’d stopped abruptly, without turning his head back toward me, said in a low voice, “Do remember to come home often, there will always be a room, saved back home, for you guys.”

記得第一次坐父親的車,離開家鄉念大學時,他對我說:「妳要是想家,就常回家。」當時...back when she was a young child…picture from the papers…

This time, the “do remember to come home more”, was filled with nostalgia, with a little unwillingness added on. Because I wasn’t about to leave home to go to school, nor going away for work, but to leave my own, family of origin, no longer am I, just my father’s cherished daughter, I am also, becoming someone else’s wife, and daughter-in-law too.

So from this, you can see the love of the father for his own daughter, now that she’s all grown up, about to get married, surely, the man felt sad, seeing his baby girl off, as would be, the sentiments of ALL fathers out there, I’m thinking………


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