Father George Martinson Passed Away, Passing the Love on

Better known, as Uncle Jerry, someone who taught English to kids on T.V. in my generation, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

Been living in Taiwan over half a century, the American father George Martinson who loved Taiwan had passed away, leaving behind endless memories. He’d made speech tours across the whole to Taiwan, cared for the younger generations, as well as the members of the lesser economic statuses, he was involved with charitable acts regularly, he’d once mentioned, “Death is only a process of life, it’s not, the terminal station, so, there’s no need for fear, instead, we should face it calmly.”

Here’s the photo of Father Martinson, from online…

This reminded me, a spiritual leader, the former cardinal, Paul Shan Guo-Shi, he’d given his whole life for the betterment of Taiwan, even after he was diagnosed with cancer, he’d treated his cancer cells as angels, reminding him, to live in the moment, that he doesn’t have that much time left, he’d gone all around the island, lecturing. He kept reminding me, you must live life with love, then, influence others with love.

Yesterday in my clinic, there came a native elderly, his left eye was injured by the mangoes that fell from up high, the one who’d taken him to see me was a middle-aged woman, I’d thought they were related, and after I’d inquired, she’d told me she was a devout Catholic, who lived in the mountains, and would stroll outside to visit her community. She’d told me, “The houses of the natives have no locks, the younger generation all moved to the city to find a better life, and, those elderly who are left would sit underneath their roofs, and chit-chat, and as I saw that nobody was there, I’d gone into the houses to see if they needed help, this man suffered from severe eye pain, and was moaning in pain on his bed, I’d immediately gone home, drove my 25-year-old old car, lifted him here to get treated.”, I was, moved by her selflessness and helpfulness toward the stranger.

and here’s the Taiwanese cardinal, photo from online…

Mother Teresa once stated, “The antonym of love is not hate, it’s apathy.”, although the Cardinal and Father Martinson weren’t born in Taiwan, but they’d shown long-term concern and love toward the land of Taiwan, they’re more Taiwanese than those of us born here, and, who will, take their legacy, and pass it on now?

So, these, are two people who’d, given their lives, to serve the people, expecting nothing in return, and they did this, out of love and respect for the people in Taiwan, and, look around here, there’s, NOT that many who are like that these days………

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