Hardworking Mannerisms, the Courage to Change

Words of encouragement, that’s carried this man so far in life, translated…

Forty year ago, I was about to graduate from middle school, because I came from poverty stricken backgrounds, and knowing, that my grades weren’t high enough, that I was, unfitting, to continue going to school, after school ended at the end of May, I’d started working at a textile mill close by.

One day, the daughter who’s in the First Female High School of Taipei of the owner of the textile mill came by to sort through the goods. All of a sudden, she’d inquired why I’d not continued my education? Said, that even as my family was economically troubled, I still shouldn’t give up the opportunities to study, and handed me the notes she’d taken for her high school entrance from back when she was taking the exams as a gift to me, and told me, that if I’d not done well on the exams, then, there would always be a spot for me at the factory.

I looked at those notes when I got home, was ready to give up, the owner’s daughter called, “Young man, you’d needed to work hard, to find what you can do, it’s not making the grade that matters, it’s proving to yourself, that you can, change.” After I hung up, I’d decided, to buckle down and study hard. As the grades were posted, my grades were high enough to send me to the county schools or Zhongzhen Preparatory Military Academy. In the end, I’d selected to attend military school.

After that, whenever I’d faced troubles in my life, I’d recalled what that older girl who was attending the number one all-female high school in Taipei had said to me, “After you’d worked hard, you would then know, where your strengths are, it’s not a matter of how high you can score, it’s the proof that you have for yourself, to make a change.” Her words had helped me, whenever I’d met a fork in the road of life, it’d helped, enriched my life experiences.

So, apparently, this young woman’s encouraging words had, helped this young man, it’d turned his life over, made him want to work hard toward a goal that he’d set for himself.

This just shows, how when we need a boost, someone will be there, to offer us words of encouragements, and, these people became, our primary influences in life, the driving force behind us, doing better each and every day.


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