Bombed by the Rain…

It was, rainin’, really hard as I set out…

Bombed by the rain, everywhere I looked, there were these, thin needles, that pricked up the road, torn it up, like how if you’d, stuck needles into a piece of dough? Yup, it’d, looked like that, only, that the holes wouldn’t be, permanent at all!

Bombed by the rain, the rain was so fucking (and your point being???) hard today, and, it’d, rained like this for about a week or so, and, there’s still NO signs of this season of rain, ending, anytime soon…

like this, only, that the water came from up high, photo from online…

Bombed by the rain, I don’t know, how long this roof over my head will hold, in fact, the last time it’d rained just as hard, those prickly needle-like rain had, fallen, straight into the bucket I’d placed on the floors (yes, this place leaked too!!!). Bombed by the rain, I now have an idea, how those soldiers, dodging the bombs from their enemies felt, only, that this rain “bomb” gets absorbed by my cloth, unlike how the bombs of war can, kill the soldiers, blow them up to pieces!

Bombed by the rain, it’d, felt harsh now, never had this sort of experiences before, I mean, rain was just rain, was just and ONLY rain, don’t know why I’d felt so sentimental about it now? Or perhaps, this is, the very first time it’d rained, after, you’d, walked away from this home we’d built up???

saying goodbye in the downpour…not my art…


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