The Wall, a Poem

The philosophies from life, translated…

That Ancient Cement-Paved Wall

Became So Spotted Like an Ancient Piece of Paper

The Spots Seemed to Cause People to

See Certain Images Underneath the Sun

a wall like this must have stories to tell…photo from online…

Those Art Classes from Our Middle School Years

After Passing Through the Accumulation of Time

Became Like Shiny Stars High Up in the Skies

Sometimes, They’d Looked Like the Broken Stems of the Lotuses in the Ponds

The Architect Measured the Totems of the Land

That Wall Often Attracted Me

And Metamorphosed into Various Stories in My Mind

It’d Stood, Few Feet Away

Colliding, Changing into Various Things with Time

Entered from My Pupils

or like this…photo from online…

Started Growing within Me

Becoming, an Endless World of Wonder

Like Stories that the World

Has Disclosed to Me

So, so many things are, written down, not in words, but in images, every place has its own history, and you just need to, listen, or look closer, to hear those silent words that these places are telling to you…


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