Poetry that Flowed Through Here, a Poem

The love for someone, how it’d hurt, when s/he isn’t around, translated…

I’d Heard the Stories the Woman Cried Out

Like How the Wind Entered into the Bamboo Forests, Cutting Through the Leaves

how much I wanted to be with you…NOT my art…

Seeking Out Those Burning Ears Everywhere

In the Winters Where the Tears Froze Up

She Cried Over the Desperations Wars Brought

On the Plains Where the Orioles Called

She’d Cried about How Lost the Spring Was

The Sun Shone on the Woman

Like the Ivy Vines in the Midst of the Reeds

Breathing at the Same Rate as the Seasons

thinking of someone she loves, not my photograph…

Passing Through that Rolling Hill

Caring Over that Vine that Hung Over the Cliffs

Passing Through that Wooden Bridge

Sorrows Became a Reed in the Flowing Streams

Not Seeing You for One Day, Felt Like Three Months

Not Seeing You for One Day, We’d Been Separated by Three Autumns

Not Seeing You for One Day, Seemed as Long as Three Whole Years

You Asked Where I Lived

The Wind Was Pacing to and fro on the Citadel

People Were Picking the Grasses, and the Weeds too

In This Place Where Love Was Given, and Received

The Young Grass Caressed that Skin-Soft Ground

My Lover and I Met Up

And We’d, Said Goodbye Too

You’d Inquired Me of My Return Date

The Soldiers are No Longer Gathering Up, Trying to Murder One Another Now

The Silks aren’t Torn to Pieces Either

like this, footage from Miyazaki’s “My Neighbor Totoro”, found online…

Some People Were Picking the Leaves to Feed to the Silkworms, some Washing Up the Clothes

The Stars Trading Shifts with the Dawn’s Light

My Lover, When It Turn Dark, Do Sleep with Me

Do Think of Me as Light Comes

So, this, is how much you want the other person to keep you inside her/his mind, because that way, you’d feel that you mattered to her/him, and it’s normal, that people who just fell in love feel this way, but, this sort of a “If I don’t see you I don’t feel secure” kind of love won’t last! You’d need something more stable and steadier.






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