Alligator Soup

This, is how this couple related to one another! Translated…

As the alligator soup was served at the banquet, everybody has nothing but good things to say about it, but she’d not taken a bite from the bowl. Because as she arrived, she saw that slaughtered alligator. Back then, she saw the legs, the muzzle getting tied up, its body couldn’t even move, only the eyes still rolled on. It kept looking all around, with that look of fear. She was wondering, how come this place has an alligator? Until the soups were, served. Had she not seen how panicky the alligator looked, she’d probably, savored the soup like everybody else was doing. But she did see, so, she’s not, moving her chopsticks.

Lost her appetite, she can only, go home early. As her husband saw her, he was displeased and inquired “What? Home early, so you can, check on me, is it?”, she’d told him about the alligator.

an alligator being killed to get made into soup, it’s quite cruel, really!  Photo from online…

“If you have suspicions, just say them aloud, don’t make up stories!”

Seeing how that look of distrust came from his gazes, she’d recalled why it was, she’d, arrived early, to the banquet today.

So, there surely, are problems, in this marriage, for starters, the man and the woman are annoying one another, probably on a daily basis, and now, the wife has the opportunity to get away for a short bit, and, she’d come back home early, because she saw something that upsets her, and that upset her husband, because he thought she was, checking up on him, and, in the process, the woman became that alligator that was, served at the banquet, in her state of mind!

and here’s, the finished product…photo from online…


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