I Just Want One Red Bean Pastry

How this love came to be ours…finding each other here, translated…

My son lifted up his head and asked, “Mommy, how did you and dad meet?”, I’m not afraid that this generation of children don’t know what “internet” is, but that they’re, making friends online, and, it’s, not quite easy, to explain this to a ten-year-old.

I sat, in front of the BBS’s black screen, keyed out my very first friend-making letter, the title being, “Seeking a Big Bear”. I’d counted over a dozen replies <RE: Seeking a Big Bear>, all of these “big bears” that replied, what sort of a girl are they, hoping for? Out of my expectations, Big Bear #1 was an older high schoolmate, because of my harmonica playing skills, I’d, sparked his interests; Big Bear #2 was in the physics department in N.T.U., he’d explained the theory of relativity to me in Da-An Forest Park; Big Bear #3, was in the National Developments major of N.T.U., he’d discussed the party politics, and pried on my political tendencies, at the same time, dating all of these men had, made me gain that bitter taste of love.

sharing desserts with her boyfriend…photo from online…

As the writing frenzies lost heat, a little over ten days later, another letter with the subject: “Found Your Bear Yet?”, from P, we’d became penpals for a year, and, decided, that after taking turns, writing out ninety-nine letters to each other, we shall then, meet up.

Being penpals online, saved the waiting period for the mails, we can always share what we’re experiencing in the moments, the ordinariness of life, the books we’d read………sadness, happiness, doubts, unsettlements, we’d told one another, without any reserves, like I’m, talking, to another me. In no more than three months’ time, P wrote that he’d slowly, fallen for me, and I was stuck, in the messiness of my relationship with Mr. Bear #3; P helped me along, this stumbling love, until I’d gone to Mongolia for fifteen days, with the ashes of all of my previous passing love into the desert in Tengri.

“You’ve Got Mail”, with Tom Hanks, and Meg Ryan from back in 1999, had come to life in 2000, with me, playing Meg Ryan’s role. I’d waited anxiously for the blinking notices of new mail on my BBS. On the date we’d made when we started, we’d met up at MRT Guting Station’s fourth exit, and since then, we’d fallen, into love’s “net”.

Every Tuesday, P would come up north, to wait for me to get out of class, the icy cold winds had, made our love feel even warmer, he’d placed my hand inside his pockets, with the freshly baked red bean pastries in it.

Afterwards, we’d always walk together to Longchaun Street, bought a red bean pastry together. I’d told the lady, “I’m sorry, I only want one!”, the woman didn’t press me to buy more, said, “that’s fine, it’ll, last longer!”, and that, was the very first time, I’d heard, that longer-lasting being used to describe the relationship of vendor and customers, it was, very heartwarming. Don’t know if, the love I shared with P had turned into, this long-lasting stream, because of our words of exchange? If you can, spend the rest of your lives, with someone whom you can talk about anything with, after the passions subsided, the love is still based on the firm and stable foundation of friendship, that, is what I believed.

On this night, the moon glowed softly, the four of us strolled along the streets of Xinyi District, as my son’s questions just settled, I’d gazed over to my husband, and, without a thought, he’d replied, “Your mom and I were, penpals!”, and, the sidewalk that’s paved with the broken specks of glass, twinkled on, celebrating this love we’d, come to share!

here’s the red bean pastry that this woman was talking about…photo from online…

So, this, is how you and your husband met, you’d established that connection online, talked about things, and, that would be, a strong basis for your marriage, because the two of you started interacting as friends, and, in order for love to last, you must, establish that sense of connection, before any sort of intimacy can take place, and that, is what had happened here!


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