The Rehearsals on Set, a Poem


Meditate X-Ray Vision

Measure & Weigh that Gigantic, Gorgeous


rehearsals on set 的圖片結果what it’d looked like, before the show starts…photo from online…

I Already, Relieved Myself of the Quality of

the Internal Flames.  The Moment I Touched

the Plot with the Extension of My Hands

Instinct Suddenly, Shoved Me Outside the Doors

And, I Was, Faced with

Everything that Happens On the Set at the Moment

Waiting Until the Rice Grew Past My Knees

That Sensation that Compelled Me to Pull Them Up

Sounded off the Alarms of Joy

getting ready for the show 的圖片結果in makeup, and running that last rehearsal of lines, to make sure that we are, more than prepared…photo from online…

Asking that Sky from Outside My Windows

Are You Too, Afraid of Noises?

So, this, is all someone’s mind, making a scene, so to speak, the narrator is having an introspective moment, and, this is leading the narrator somewhere…


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