The Vacation Cabin in the Woods

We’re on VACATION, so, let’s, U-N-P-L-U-G!!!  Translated…

This vacation to Keiya Peninsula, we’d stayed at the cabins as Kumano Club.  This sort of a vocational hotel usually locates in the valleys, the forests, or any place that’s without the fluency of transportation, and most of the hotels used their own small transit busses to pick up and drop off the guests, the environment was close to desolate, there’s no place to go in the evenings.  But, what’s harder to adapt to for me, was the rooms being disconnected from the internet, and, there’s no cell reception, we’d needed to go to the hotel lobby to get access to the internet.

The cabin we’d stayed at was close to the lobby, we could head to the lobby to use our cell phones easily, but, if you live in those more distant cabins, you’d needed to take a twenty, thirty minute walk.  This reminded me of the Karuizawa cabins we’d stayed in three years ago, totally inside a forest, the tour guide even reminded us, to NOT go out in the evenings, that we would be lost easily, let alone what sort of dangers we may encounter; and if we really wanted to go out at night, we can call up the reception to come and pick us up.  So, unless it’s out of necessity, we’d, chosen, to stay in.

someplace like this???  not my photo…

It sounded troubling, but this sort of a remote cabin got us away from the shopping, going back to our rooms, logging onto the internet cycles we’re used to traveling by.  And, the sign of this particular cabin hotel, I couldn’t find the meaning of the first three characters anywhere, but, the brochure stated, that the point of staying at this cabin hotel is for the tourists to rid themselves of the fast-pace way of life they’d kept in the cities, to slow down their steps, to let time passes by at its own tempo.

Thinking on it, surely, it’s right, we are only on vacation for a few short days, why not, disconnect from the outside world, and get in touch with what traveling abroad is truly about, getting away from our usual routines of life.

and this totally defeats the PURPOSE of being on VACATION!!!  Not my photograph…

So, these are the places, that most people probably won’t select as their places of stay when they go on vacation, because we’re, too addicted to using our cell phones, those hi-tech gadgets, electronic devices, but, vacationing in such a place like this gives you a brand new way of experiencing your surrounding environment, lets you take a few days off from being bugged by those alert sounds from LINE or e-mail alert messages…


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