Welcome to My L-O-V-E

The “shop’s” open now!!!

Welcome to my L-O-V-E, y’all, you’ll find your wide variety of things you will desperate for in love here.  Welcome to my L-O-V-E, but, do take note, how although the name of this “shop” is called my L-O-V-E, I got NO love for ANYBODY else out there, so, yeah, the name of my “shop” can be, misleading…

Welcome to my L-O-V-E, but, I got NONE of that good kinda loving for anybody else, ‘cuz, in MY DEFENSE, I wasn’t shown ANY love growin’ up, so, how the HELL should I KNOW, how to offer it, right???

photo from online…

Welcome to my L-O-V-E, you think love’s what you’d found here?  Think again, you’re talking to SATAN’s angel here (oh wow, when did SATAN get “those”???).  Welcome to my L-O-V-E, you may find things you like, you lacked, in this little shop of HORROR of mine, and you may be misled into thinking OR believing (whichever way suits you best!) that it’s okay that you take what don’t belong to you, but think again, as ALL who trespasses here will get SHOT!

So, that sums up the L-O-V-E I have for anybody out there, who are TWO-legged and still can’t QUITE respond, to the commands of SIT, STAY, good boy, now, go FETCH!!! 

Show’s over now, what are all of y’all stickin’ ‘round here for, huh???  Now, S-C-A-T!!!

like this placemat here…picture from online…


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