A Great Bottom-Half of Life

Changes in pace, after the retirement, starting to enjoy the daily goings on of life now, translated…

After I’d learned to make vinegar, the drinks I served in the summertime became the homemade varieties, sanitary and healthy, completely fitting to the Do-it-Yourself spirits.

The days without having to watch the clocks, I’d given my small compact car which I drove for no more than five times a month to my younger sister, and become a commuter, and, relied on the busses, my two sturdy legs, as well as the bicycles, still managed to go all around, helping to reduce the carbon output.

so many options out there, which to pick???  Not my picture…

Waking up early in the morn for my morning run, I’d loved running in the rice paddies, and, as the farmers set up their stands to sell the homegrown produce, I’d bought from the farmers directly, guaranteed fresh, and, as I took the produces home, the morning dews are still on them.

For breakfast, I have a glass of homemade blended soymilk with nuts, the multi-vegetable/fruit juices, or the multi-grain drinks, and the energy for the rest of my day relied on this, I hadn’t frequented the breakfast shops in a long, long while now.

And, as the rice paddies close to my house stopped growing the grains, they would switch to planting the vegetables, the radishes, the potatoes, and at this time, the ladies would start pickling the radishes, making the sauerkraut, hanging an assortment of different dried vegetables out, other than salt and the sunlight, there’s NO other additives.

Going to the libraries to check out books became routine for me, I’d loved reading literatures on animals, and would immerse myself in the world of lions, elephants, jackals, wolves, tigers, leopards.  In the animal kingdom, only elephants and dolphins cry because of their feelings, the new alpha male lion would kill the other baby lions, that way, all the females would be in heat and he would be able to mate with them again, and, the eagles would wait until their fowls leave the nest, then, clean out the nests, and the human mamas’ boys who can’t leave home ought to take the examples from the birds, the animals’ shows of emotions, is comparable to the emotional expressions of humans

As I was younger, I’d loved dressing up to the nines, eating gourmet foods, and I had worn the colors of the seasons on the makeup on my face, and, as I marched through half a century, I’d let go of these worldly baggage one by one, started living differently.  Those books I didn’t have the time for, I’d started, reading them now, and found my long-lost interests back again, and I’d, gotten into cooking, retrained my able hands too.

pickign up on the hobbies here, not my photograph…

With the silver strands in my hair, reflected upon the sweat from my exercise, the daily life from the fifties, are ordinary, fulfilling.

So, this woman is, finally settled, at the age of fifty, she’d started, living a brand new way, more relaxed, started picking up on the hobbies she used to have but never had the time for when she worked, and that is a fully packed retirement for her.


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