The Hearts of All Parents

As the kids grow older, the adults must change their expectations of how they interacted with their own young, thoughts from one’s observations, translated…

There was a young couple vendor in the marketplaces, on the weekends, they’d taken their children out to sell the items.  Normally, the husband had dropped the wife off to my community marketplace, after he’d unloaded, then he’d rushed to another marketplace to set up the stands.  Their five-year-old child sometimes would follow mom, sometimes, dad.

from this…NOT my photo…child saying goodbye to mom 的圖片結果

One day I saw this young couple driving to set up the stands at the marketplaces, the husband was done, unloading the items, the wife stood outside the car, saying something to her child, not willing, to let her husband drive away, and, a few minutes later, I saw the wife watch her husband and her child leave.

to this…teenager leaving for school 的圖片結果

The woman’s usual customers saw this, and asked her, “What’s the matter back then?” the woman told, that every time the son went off with his dad to do business, he’d always say to her sweetly, “I’ll miss you, mom!”, but today, the child didn’t say it, so she was, waiting.

I’d smiled on it.  So, it’s the mom who couldn’t let go, because her son wasn’t right beside her, waiting, for his words of love toward her.

I’d recalled how as my eldest son was in the elementary years, on the way to school, he’d started saying goodbye to me, like he missed home a lot.  But, as my younger son started in elementary school, he was totally different from his older brother.  He’d walked lightly, and, just kept going forward without looking back, like how a young bird had all its feathers grown in, and ready to fly out of the nest already.

then it’s, this…

I’d once mentioned how lost I’d felt seeing him like this.  And, naturally, he’d caught my drift, and would slow his paces down, then, turn his head a couple of times to look back to me, to lessen my sense of loss.

I’d felt, so, every mom is the same, none of us can let go easily, our hearts, tied to our children’s, we’d all, loved our own young very much.

So here, we bore witness to how a mother experiences that loss as her son grows older, and, as the children grow older, they won’t need their parents as much, as the significant others in their lives will change, from you, the parents, to their classmates, their teacher, and to their own spouses (1 @ a time!), and, this, would be the passage to growing up!


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